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I always leave without notice and I’m sorry, but sometimes life isn’t so nice and I needed a break. 


a gryffindor will die for you

a slytherin will kill for you

a ravenclaw will figure out a solution where no one dies

a hufflepuff will be sitting next to you in the after life going “could have been worse”

@meagantandy I heart u all… Even the Braeden haters. Braeden’s been SAVING ur fave characters for crying out loud. Lol. She’s on YOUR team ;-) XOXO


PSD#63 by RainbowColorings: DL

  • made for photoshoots but work on almost everything  
  • contains optional layers (+ BW option)
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Random Sentences (Angsty ones)


"How do you really feel about me?"

"Can’t you pretend to love me this once?"

"Would you care if I was gone?"

"Don’t you know the hell I go through to keep you safe?"

"I can’t take this any longer. Help me."

"Deep down, you’re scared. Aren’t you?"

"You’ll stay alone if you push others away."

"How many lives have you taken with your own hands?"

"Just for today. Please."

"You’re the only one who’s never called me that…"

"We can make it work! Let’s run away together, you and me!"

"I… have loved you this whole time."

"Treat me as you see fit. I’ll still protect you. It’s my role after all."

"Maybe it’s too much for me to expect kindness."

"You give me meaning, even if you take it away."

"Please… hold me. Don’t say anything, just… hold me."


COULEURSPS  24 {gifs by boxgifs}

This psd was made by couleursps. This is a psd pack for gifs. That pack contains a colorful pink, a colorful purple, a colorful red, a pastel colorful, pastel, colorful orange and a especial one black and white. Hope you enjoy it! PLEASE don’t forget the like or the reblog, it matters to me! Thank you!



Hey guys friendly reminder to be considerate if you’re going to be setting off firecrackers/fireworks by checking to see if there are any combat vets/soldiers who may be suffering from ptsd in your area, loud noises like these can be very dangerous and triggering for them. Remember they’re the ones who fought for your freedom, the least you can do is keep them safe in return. Happy 4th to all my american followers :-)

If you go on Facebook right about now, you can see people starting to shamelessly say “MURRICA”.

It’s like waking up at 5 AM to see the sun rise, except it hurts.